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If you suffer from the following symptoms:
– Rough teeth
– Sensitive teeth
– Bleeding gums
– Swollen and red gums
– Receding gums
– Loose teeth
– New spaces between teeth
– Bad breath

you may be suffering from periodontitis and we would recommend that you book an immediate appointment with a qualified dentist.

Studio Fonzar: Specialists in non-surgical treatment of periodontitis.

Who treats periodontitis in our studio?

How do we treat periodontitis?

If done properly, periodontitis is a disease that can be treated.
First of all we carry out a diagnosis using a periodontal scan. This is done during the first visit to establish the health of the gums and bones: the goal is to identify the presence, quantity and depth of the periodontal pockets, to establish the spread and severity of the disease.

We then treat to stop the spread of the periodontal disease through three phases of treatment:
1) NON SURGICAL: to eliminate the cause of the disease
2) RESTORATIVE: to treat the signs and aesthetic manifestations of the disease
3) MAINTENANCE: to maintain the health of the post-periodontitis teeth over time.

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What is periodontitis?

It is an inflammatory disease that affects the gums and the bone supporting the teeth, caused by the presence in the bacterial plaque of anaerobic bacteria, able to live and multiply in the absence of oxygen. Genetic predisposition (familiarity) and lifestyles (inadequate plaque removal, smoking) play a very important role in the most acute forms. The initial phase of the disease (gingivitis) is reversible by removing the bacterial plaque by appropriate oral hygiene measures carried out at home and by the dentist. If this does not happen and the proliferation of the bacteria continues below the gums, there is an irreversible loss of the surrounding bone that keeps the tooth in place, resulting in the formation of real pockets where the bacteria, in the form of plaque and tartar along the surface of the roots, proliferate undisturbed, increasing the pockets depth as bone loss progresses.

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