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Oral hygiene

Proper oral hygiene is the first step to maintaining the long-term health of the mouth. If you have any doubts regarding the following simple questions:
– What is the right way to brush your teeth?
– Which implements should you use?
– How often should you do it?

We recommend you to get in touch with our experts to improve your oral hygiene routine.

Who takes care of oral hygiene in our studio?

How do we promote oral hygiene?

Our objective is to bring the patient into our family and follow them throughout their life to ensure their teeth and gums remain healthy. To ensure this, the collaboration between dental hygienist and patient is key. The hygienist is responsible for preventing the creation of cavities and periodontal diseases, educating the patient regarding the necessary precautions for oral health and where possible, using non-surgical means to treat periodontal diseases. The patient has the crucial task of implementing the hygiene strategy suggested by the dental hygienist on a daily basis at home.

In line with the initial treatment framework, the quality of the collaboration and any risk factors for the patient (smoking, sugar-rich diet), the dental hygienist creates a personalised appointment schedule (every 3-6-12 months) for regular checkups on the oral health of the patient, preventing new problems and identifying any diseases early.

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Prevention is divided into primary, secondary and tertiary categories. Primary prevention tackles the risk factors, preventing the onset of the most common diseases to afflict the oral cavity (cavities and periodontal diseases). Secondary prevention halts the progression of the disease. Tertiary prevention limits and repairs the damage.

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