The face of quality dentistry in Friuli Venezia Giulia for over 35 years.

Established in 1982 by Dr. Mario Fonzar, today our clinic is in the hands of the new generation of the Fonzar family: Alberto, Federica and Riccardo.

When it comes to dentistry, our guiding principle has always been exemplified by the slogan “We prefer teeth”: any intervention or treatment recommended by Studio Fonzar will always prioritise maintaining the patient’s natural teeth, which we consider to be of priceless value.

We will not just provide treatment, we will look after our patients as part of our family. The treatment plan is always personalised, to meet the specific requirements of the patient with interventions that guarantee the long-term quality of the chosen treatments.

In addition to the qualifications and publications that fill their CVs, the leading professionalism and skill of our medical staff is evidenced by their recognition by industry colleagues, who often bring us in to assist with patients needing particularly complex interventions.

The Studio: an Oasis of Peace

Studio Fonzar is immersed in the expansive gardens of the Villa Primavera on the outskirts of Udine.

The studio project was first established in 1982 and underwent a complete renovation in 1999. The goal was to satisfy two primary requirements: ensure an efficient working environment for the medical staff and encourage calm and peace of mind among the patients, creating an environment unlike any other in its field. Upon entering the bright entrance hall, visitors find themselves in peaceful surroundings, dedicated to their wellbeing. Here they will be welcomed by our staff.

The large windows which distinguish the ten rooms [A1] which together make up the studio allow the patient to extend their gaze out towards the park in front, providing a touch of comfort and serenity.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Safety

Today the studio is at the forefront of investment in safety and technology.

First thing in the afternoon, every day, the clinical work at Studio Fonzar is paused to allow for the disinfection of the working environments and the sterilisation of the clinical equipment. This reduces to a minimum the risk of cross-contamination in the studio, e.g. between one patient to another or between a patient and a staff member: this problem is often overlooked, but to us it is an issue of fundamental importance.

Studio Fonzar has always invested in technological progress in the medical field, ensuring that we are constantly up to date with the latest solutions in the field.
Quality controls are carried out on the choice of material and supplier to ensure that the products and materials used by the patients not only meet the industry standards, but are qualitatively among the best available. Every patient is informed about the materials used throughout their treatment, all of which is accompanied by the necessary paperwork: this is of great importance to us.

Every patient at the studio also has a personal file, available both in a physical archive and digital format, from 1982 until the present day. This is the result of a rigorous process of storage of the charts, photographs and x-rays of the treatments carried out. This allows the monitoring and assessment over time of the efficacy and efficiency of the treatments and the evaluation of the chosen treatments.

The studio makes use of digital radiography, has a machine to produce orthopantomography images and three-dimensional scans such as teleradiography and cone beam computerised tomography (CT). All of the laboratories are equipped with a computer station which grants patients direct access to their data, using images to illustrate their treatment plan and to identify together the relevant part of the oral cavity prior to, during and following the treatment.

Teaching activities

For many years, Studio Fonzar has organised training courses dedicated to professional development relating to the restoration of the aesthetic function of teeth and implants. These courses are intended for dentists, dental technicians and dental hygienists, and are overseen personally by Dr. Alberto Fonzar, recognised as an international expert in the field.

2019 training course with Alberto Fonzar

“Restoring function and aesthetics with teeth and implants”


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