Our team

The staff working in Studio Fonzar is first and foremost a family. From the four generations of dentists from whom the studio takes its name to all the medical colleagues and administrative staff, the approach to the patient is always the same: to ensure they feel comfortable.
Ours is an approach of care, skill and kindness.

Dr. Alberto Fonzar
Medical Surgeon
Dental specialist in Periodontology, Prosthesis and Implantology
Dr. Federica Fonzar
Medical Surgeon
Dental specialist in Endodontics, Traumatology and Conservative Dentistry
Dr. Riccardo Fabian Fonzar
Dental specialist in Conservative Dentistry, Prosthesis and Periodontology
Dr. Laura Balducci
Dental specialist in Orthodontics
Dr. Melania Lupatelli
Dental specialist in Medicine and Oral Pathology
Dr. Marinella Marigo
Dental hygienist
Dr. Cristina Moreale
Dental hygienist
Dr. Germana Uliana
Dental hygienist
Maria Grazia Riva
Dental assistant
Dental assistant manager
Annarita Del Forno
Dental assistant
Alessia Negozio
Dental assistant
Cinzia Miotti
Administration manager
Massimiliano Londero
IT, supplies and service manager
Monica Tuzzi
Receptionist at the front desk responsible for customer care and appointment scheduling.
Ivana Nadalin
Office hygiene and staff wellbeing manager
Gianni Rosso
Dental technician
Riccardo Puccini
Dental technician
Massimiliano Accioli
Dental technician

You can call us at +39 043269500, send a fax +39 0432699441 or write us at the address studiofonzar@studiofonzar.it

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