Dentisti a Udine - Friuli Venezia Giulia

Dental clinic for the Care of Natural Teeth

Dentisti a Campoformido: sempre vicini al tuo sorriso
Dentista a Campoformido: da 4 generazioni, Studio Fonzar si prende cura del vostro sorriso

Studio Fonzar:
taking care of your smile

For the past four generations, Studio Fonzar has followed one philosophy: caring for their patients’ smile by looking after their teeth.

We do this in the best way possible, welcoming you into our uniquely comfortable and modern surroundings and finding suitable, long-lasting solutions with a personalised treatment plan individually tailored to your needs.


Our professionalism is also recognised by our colleagues, who often ask us to assist with patients with complex dental health care needs.

Why choose Studio Fonzar

When you are under our care, you become part of our family.

We are committed to providing the best dental healthcare throughout your life, ensuring you always have a healthy smile on your face.

Our dental expertise and our efficient and delicate handiwork ensure that our treatments are painless and long-lasting, providing additional value to your investment.

Studio dentistico a Udine
Da noi curiamo anche i bambini
Noi curiamo gli adulti
Noi curiamo gli anziani

Who we treat:


What we treat

We provide effective treatment for periodontal diseases, caries and all other issues afflicting the oral cavity.

Identify your problem.

Un piano di cure dentistiche personalizzato
Rispettiamo i denti e le necessità di ogni paziente

How  we treat

Find out about your dental treatment plan at Studio Fonzar:
initial contact
first consultation
price quote
appointment with the dental hygienist
personal data collection
maintaining the results over time.

We will tailor an individual dental treatment plan for each patient, taking into account their teeth, their goals and their specific needs.

Teaching activities

Training course for dentists, dental hygienists and dental technicians.

“Restoring function and aesthetics with teeth and implants”

Alberto Fonzar

Corsi di Formazione per diffondere la nostra conoscenza


Years of experience


Teeth saved in one year


Teeth extracted in one year

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Book your appointment online

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How to find us

Studio Fonzar’s address is
Strada dei Tigli 54/56 – 33030 Villa Primavera, Campoformido (UD)

You can call us at +39 043269500, send a fax +39 0432699441 or write us at the address

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